1. Regularly check your Submittable account for messages. LCERA staff will communicate with you via Submittable messaging.

2. Ensure all documents have the applicant’s name and correct address.

3. Submit everyone’s W-2s or tax forms (1040, 1040EZ, etc.) for income verification.

4. Read application completely and UPLOAD all necessary documents.

5. If you need to clarify any details, please provide additional explanation in text boxes or use the messaging tool.

     a. Items that will require additional explanation include:

         i. Addresses on your identification, pay stub, unemployment correspondence, etc., that are different from the                     address on your lease.

        ii. A name on a lease that is not reported as a member of the household and for whom no income or identification             documentation is uploaded.

        iii. Income calculations that are not supported by the documentation that is uploaded.

        iv. The source, amount and dates covered by any previous COVID relief funding that you received.

6. Provide all Landlord information (name, address, e-mail, etc.). Do not put applicant’s information in the Landlord fields.

7. Please review the “WHAT INFORMATION WILL BE NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE INITIAL APPLICATION?” on the HOME section of the website.